Just let us know what you would like to do! All tours are exclusive to you and your family/group of friends


  • Small groups - never more than 3 snowmobiles
  • Drivers must have a regular driver's license
  • Passengers (children and adults) can ride in sleighs
  • Helmets for drivers are included
  • If you choose the one snowmobile option, the guide will drive it
  • All tours include a stop to make a fire, sit by it and enjoy hot chocolate or lemonade and some snacks
  • The price is per group, not per person, except for the evening tour
  • Children 0-2 years join for free

  • We have different tours depending on your group and your wishes: 
  • The hunting post tour is suitable for children and also for the colder days. It's 2 hours and takes you to a hunting post down the old Bolagsvägen, a path used by the mining companies in the 1600's. 
  • 1 snowmobile: 1600 SEK/2 snowmobiles 2400 SEK
  • The marsh tour is also suitable for children. 3 hours. Our goal is the Katajavuoma marsh. The deeper we go into the forest, the better your chances to spot some wildlife
  • 1 snowmobile: 2400 SEK/2 snowmobiles 3600 SEK/3 snowmobiles 4800 SEK
  • The wilderness tour takes us to Creek Merasjoki. 4 hours. 
  • 1 snowmobile: 3200 SEK/2 snowmobiles 4800 SEK/3 snowmobiles 6400 SEK
  • The icefishing tour goes to Lake Ruutijärvi and is 5 hours. Fishing permits and equipment are included. Suitable for children about 8 and up
  • 1 snowmobile: 4000 SEK/2 snowmobiles 6000 SEK/3 snowmobiles 8000 SEK
  • The rider's tour is for those who want to ride their own snowmobile all the time. No sleighs or passengers. The lenght and goal of the tour depends on your previous experience, weather and snow conditions. 1-2 persons (the guide must drive one of the snowmobiles).  2 snowmobiles 1200 SEK/hour and 3 snowmobiles 1600 SEK/hour. Minimum 3 hours
  • The evening tour: Last but not least we must recommend our evening tour. We go into the forest, away from the light pollution, to hopefully see the Aurora and the stars. We recommend that you ride as passengers only, but if your group is larger than 3 people one of you must drive yourself. The tour lasts about 3 hours. 1300 SEK per person if 2 or more. One person only: 1900 SEK and then you wil ride as a passenger



250 SEK per pair and day/adult size

150 SEK/children's size (up to 50 kg)

Guided snowshoe hikes 400 SEK/hour plus rental cost


We have 2 kayaks.

300 SEK per kayak and day with lifevest and paddle. Kayak transfers 500 SEK one way


Visit a reindeer herder with us. The reindeer are shy, but you will get close by helping with the feeding. This place isn't otherwise open to tourists, so you will be the only group there. The tour includes a trip through a beautiful part of the Torne and Kalix valleys and lunch at a local restaurant. Monday to Friday, Dec 1 to March 15. We're leaving at 8 AM. 1800 SEK per person, minimum 2 persons. A 500 SEK discount applies if we use your rental car.


Excellent fishing (trout, salmon, pike and others), for example in nearby rivers Kalix, Lainio and Torne, or lakes

We sell fishing permits for the area. Bring your own equipment, no rentals

Welcome to Lapland!


Masugnsbyn 5053

98010 Vittangi, Sweden



Pay a nonrefundable 1000 SEK deposit to our bank account or Paypal and the rest when you arrive. We accept Visa and Mastercard

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